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Air Scrub Accredited technicians prove success by measuring airborne decontamination before and after treatment.

Removes Airborne Contamination

Air Scrub removes all airborne contamination in minutes making such a difference some actually say, “you can see the air is cleaner”. The process uses a water-based salt solution of Sodium Borate, this fills the air with a 40-micron droplet which encompasses all airborne particles. A second fog of water is absorbed by the salt which becomes too heavy to remain airborne. This simple but patented process causes precipitation where the contamination simply rains out of the air. The fallen solution forms a glycerine film which holds the contamination and prevents it from re aerosolising as the small amount of water used evaporates. The glycerine film lasts 4 days before it decays, and this provides ample time for the client to organise a cleaning company to clean all horizontal surfaces. We provide guidance sheets on how to clean up.

Use to remove:

  • Mould
  • Hyphal fragments
  • Soots
  • Asbestos
  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Chemicals and Odours

This is sanitation by cleaning and removal not biocides.

Customer Comments

After a flood we had some new health problems

We employed Air Scrub who's technicians arrived and used a particle counter to show me how much dust and debris was in the air.

After they did their treatment I could actually see the air was cleaner and they proved it was with their particle counter.

I have felt so much better since that contamination was removed

Mark Peronski March 2014

Applications include: Sanitation of flooded buildings, Fire damage and soot's, Mould decontamination (after surface decontamination), and Building demolitions or generally dusty environments
Defeat Mould And Bacteria Build Up

Dead mould and bacteria are allergenic or toxic and sub-micron fragments of cell or spore wall become aerosolised and inhaled into the lower respiratory tract and alveoli where blood oxygen transfer occurs.

Air Scrub can remove indoor air pollution in minutes making traditional methods of filtration and ionisation, ozone and fogging obsolete

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